Cold Brew Coffee - 100grams
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Arabica coffee brewed with cold or room temperature water for a minimum of 12-24 hours by pouring water over coarse ground coffee and steeping. After that, the waste is filtered out. Cold brew coffee will have a more pronounced sweetness of the coffee beans. It is not as bitter or astringent when left at room temperature like hot coffee and high concentration.

• Processed by Wet Process
• Smell and taste, new dimension, high concentration, body
• Roasted and ground coffee, ready to eat easily in the form of Cold Brew.

How to use
• Cut the mouth of the coffee sachet, put the cold brew coffee bag into the container (water bottle or wide-mouthed jar)
• Prepare 500 ml of room temperature water.
• Pour the water slowly (should be divided into 3-4 pours) being careful not to overflow the edge of the envelope.
• Ready to serve coffee.

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