Traditional Coffee Lungpo LUNGPOE COFFEE 1000g
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Lung Poe Coffee is an ancient coffee with a history of more than 50 years. It is considered an ancient coffee partner of Chiang Mai. It started with the initiative of a founder who specializes in research. Breed development, planting, harvesting and coffee processing Until obtaining raw coffee beans that have been processed It has a high level of cleanliness and quality. It is then roasted and mixed with the unique secret of "Uncle Poe's Old Coffee", which is available only here.
Thus, it was born into an ancient coffee with a unique aroma and taste. have a strong aroma It is different from conventional coffee nowadays because we are meticulous in every process. whether it is production and distribution than to obtain ancient coffee And Lung Poe Coffee also has a history with Chiang Mai, which is considered a great cultural and economic metropolis in the upper north.
Lung Poe Coffee, Kad Luang formula, has undergone intense research and development through cupping test by professional baristas. thus ensuring that The taste of Lung Poe coffee is stable in both aroma and flavor. Lung Per's ancient coffee, Kad Luang formula, therefore has a strong, intense and long-lasting aroma, just like the stories in the past of Chiang Mai.

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